Presenting your briefing to a PR agency


The way you present your briefing to a PR agency can make the difference between a successful collaboration or not. A well-structured and comprehensive briefing is essential to ensure that all your needs are communicated and that the agency can develop the best PR strategy for you. That’s why we have created this list of 4 steps to ensure your PR briefing shines and the presentation process is perfect!

1. Understand your objectives

Before presenting a briefing to a PR agency, it is crucial that your company has a clear understanding of its objectives and goals. What do you hope to achieve with the agency’s help? Are you looking to increase your brand visibility, manage a public relations crisis, launch a new product or service, or strengthen your media relations? The clearer you are about your objectives and the more details you can provide, the better.

2. Research the agencies

Conduct thorough research to identify PR agencies that could be suitable for your company. Don’t limit yourself to considering only the most renowned agencies; look for those with relevant experience in your industry and/or with similar projects.

3. Create a detailed briefing

A good briefing should include these key elements:

– Business objectives: Describe the specific outcomes you hope to achieve.

– Current situation: Provide information about your company’s current market position and any challenges or issues you are facing.

– Target audience: Clearly define who you are targeting.

– Competitors: Identify your main competitors and how you differentiate yourself from them.

– Special considerations: Share any relevant information, such as market research results, upcoming events, or significant changes within your company.

– Budget: Specify your available budget for PR activities.

4. Communication and discretion

When an agency expresses interest and asks additional questions, respond honestly and thoroughly. Maintain discretion and do not share additional information with other agencies that one of the participants has obtained through a face-to-face meeting or additional questions.

Presenting an effective briefing to a PR agency is the first step towards a successful collaboration. By following these steps and being clear about your objectives and expectations, you can help the agency fully understand your company and develop a PR strategy that helps you achieve your goals.